SafeDEM USA was founded to offer a comprehensive and highly qualified range of services from demolition engineering, design, to project management and construction for both commercial and government clients. In the fast-evolving world of demolition, we bring a comprehensive list of clients together in which we have determined that there is a need for more precision in the demolition field with an emphasis on safety, quality, and project controls.

SafeDEM USA serves clients throughout the Continental US and its territories along with South America and Caribbean. Incorporated and headquartered in Milledgeville, Georgia, we will be opening a satellite office in Denver, Colorado. We partner with SafeDEM UK (http://www.safedem.com/) to build a strong presence in the international market.

Our management team brings more than 80 years of combined experience in these markets. The deep knowledge and rich experience of our staff ensure that we execute the task safely and efficiently with value added to our clients.

To fulfil and ensure consistency and reliability of each task, SafeDEM USA has developed an effective procedure for vendor and subcontractor selection and qualification, and has established a vast pool of qualified specialty vendors and subcontractors across the United States including asbestos abatement, dewatering, civil construction, rigging, scrap materials, waste handling, transportation and disposal, etc.  Vendors and subcontractors are evaluated and selected based on safety record, financial status, past experience, client reputation and relationships. SafeDEM USA understands clients’ needs and ensure that federal, state and local environmental regulations apply to every project. We provide solutions for the betterment of Environment.